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However, the organization has one disturbing blind spot.

There is so much wrong with that attitude -- which is all too common among our gender -- that most men would laugh if we tried to explain it. Discouraging women from actively leveraging our networks to achieve our professional and business goals ties one hand behind our backs. Even worse, it limits our ability to develop the 21 st Century ground game we need now to achieve our lofty visions of women ascending to leadership roles. Those visions will remain merely dreams until women begin collectively building our economic and political power.

When men get together we talk about two things: sports and doing business with one another. The Brotherhood has been a well-oiled machine for centuries. As fiercely as they compete with one another, males also do business with, open doors of opportunity for and pay more to members of their own tribe. That rarely happens with women.

Women are graduating from law schools in record numbers and make outstanding lawyers and judges.

Business For Pleasure

Too many of us are still fish out of water when it comes to landing big clients and bringing in business. The biggest thing holding women back right now is ourselves. Our reluctance to openly display ambition. To ask women in our networks to do business with us, or help us crack executive positions. To urge our corporations -- particularly when we've achieved positions of influence -- to more actively seek contracts with women-owned companies. Alan, you are bang on. Passion is a huge key. Not only will it shine through if you have it, but it will be the motivator to keep you going when things are crazy busy or frustratingly slow.

I have found that since I launched my new company in January and started blogging, my passion level for marketing has gone through the roof. I also have found that reading blogs of people with like passions has helped me continue to learn and participate actively in my area of passion. It blows some of the traditional learning classroom environments right out of the window…at least for me! Passion is key to the amazing success, as you can see by looking at the most successful people in pretty much any niche or industry, today and in the past. Living every day as if it truly mattered?

Every time. But if you believe it, feel it, live it, your chances of success grow by the day. First interest, then business. Having a job is working for others, while running a blog is for yourself. Blogging something that you are not even interested in or having fun with, how is it possible for you to turn it into business? Sure you can.

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Women do it all the time. You will know intimately the down side of any profession you choose. All best, Jan. But life is not as easy as that. So I would say that it is not important to blog about the things you love, but to love the things you are blogging about. That is what a job is.

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That is what studying is. That is what life is. Work, hard work and not necessarily always joy and amusement.


Apparently, this generation can be quite discerning and willing to pay extra for convenience or comfort, as long as they are not paying for it out of their own pocket. Women are natural networkers. Jason's expertise and experience can help you with storytelling, motivation, and pitching your business to media. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service. Another classy, erotic production from Zalman King. India is the future.

But if you are able to enjoy what you do, to be interested in what you HAVE to write about, to find the interesting part in everything you do, that is the secret of success. Do you want to be successful?

Business or Pleasure?

You do not need necessarily to write about the things you are enthusiastic for, but you certainly need to be enthusiastic about he things you write about. In principle my life is the blog I write about.

Great piece, Alan. Your sentiments are right on the money—to follow through with your idea about blogging for money! How true. I fully agree with the sentiment of doing what you love. Sometimes I think that we can get lost in the details concerning how much money people need to make to be happy. If a blog is set-up as a business then it will have the same gains and pains that any business experiences. The beauty is that either end of that spectrum are in better balance when you love what you do, avoiding the emotional roller coaster ride. A blog has many different aspects than a topic, mainly writing.

If you love writing, love your topic, and love building an online business then blogging is a super business for you!

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R | 1h 30min | Drama | TV Movie 2 July What happens when business mixes with pleasure? Powerful tycoon Alexander Schutter masterminds a dangerous game of seduction by manipulating associates into satisfying his voyeuristic needs. A wealthy businessman lures a beautiful executive into his realm of sexual fantasy and exploration while the two are in the midst of business negotiations.

Like anything else, many factors must be considered. I think we can pretend that things are fine but to take it to the level of faking passion, that would be a challenge tough to master. Passion comes from our heart and we only cheat ourselves when we fake it. Take cooking for example. In most homes one person is responsible to prepare most of the meals for their family.

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There are peripheral benefits to being a good cook, like your family is happy when they eat yummy meals which can give the creator of those meals a warm and fuzzy feeling. You must like to write, one ebook in two weeks and you must be excellent at some niche. They need your answers!

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That touchstone can pull us through until our reserves are renewed. And yes, faking passion is possible, not in a hollow way as you suggest. That is not my point. Performing passionately anyway, because the real thing is within you, maybe just needing a nap. So true, and most new bloggers will make this mistake a few times before they find the right combination.

I think this is spot on there are so many bloggers that are who think its easy to make money but its only true if you have the passion and drive to write good sorry great content, as there are just so many blogs out there now. Moreover, I was wondering whether it is possible to get to the level that one day your work will be fully automated — simply to create a way that will generate automated online income.

What a great article. Writing only for the money gets boring as well. Totally agree with you. We must like to write if want be blogger. There no easy way to make money. Actually make money with blog is hard if we start blogging just for money. Folks, there is one side more in this issue. Let us take an example of blogging in a non-English language. This Israeli PR company prefers blogging in Hebrew for pleasure or for business? I think Hebrew is more pleasure here, although English would be appropriate for business.