Differentiating Learning with the I Pad

How Can We Use iPads for Differentiated Learning?
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It can also access the internet, and often the internet in school has firewalls attached to restrict information accessed online. A laptop tends to be bulkier than tablets, and often have limited battery life, making a power source an issue in classrooms. They often take some time to warm up and open programs, which can ebb precious minutes from instruction time during a 45 minute class. They have extended battery life, but not quite as much as most tablets. They have the seven second startup, so much less lost time getting kids up and going on projects.

They are basically large computer terminals, using the Chrome Browser. If you are using lots of internet sites like Quia or other internet -based tools and apps, this could be a good solution. Chromebooks encourage kids to learn to comp0se and save all their documents in the cloud via Google Drive formerly Google Docs. If kids have internet access at home, they should be able to access the stuff they have saved at home or frankly, on any internet- enabled device.

Differentiated Instruction with an ELA Focus: Resources and Strategies for Your Classroom

Learning about how to use the cloud and have universal access to their information and data is something kids will need to know and use from this point on in their lives, so this is a relevant skill to have. Plus, guess what? No more losing hard drives, forgetting things at school, etc.

They have access wherever, whenever. You can add a keyboard for more demanding typing and note taking. Managing the backlighting also helps extend battery life. They play music and listen to podcasts on the bus. They use email. But the productivity of the device depends on the apps as well. They use Audionote to record lectures and take outline notes, which then can use later when studying, rehear what the teacher said about an assignment, etc. They use Flipside to create flashcards and other projects that require 3 x 5 cards no losing the cards ever this way!

This means if you are using sites that routinely use flash games, like Study Island, perhaps iPads are not the best choice. Programs like Dropbox and Evernote also let kids put the things they create on the iPad into the Cloud, and let them access them from anywhere. You could use iThoughts HD, which is mindmapping software, or create podcasts and edit them right in Garage band.

Some of these apps come at a price. But if your school is thinking one to one, an ipad may not be a bad choice. I think when we ask the question- What sorts of computers do we need? Feb 4, by Whitney Hoffman. This past weekend, I spoke at a great event at the Joyner Library at Eastern Carolina University to school librarians and media directors about creating a digital toolbox.

I think we often think of librarians as something out of time- a bookish sort of person, with glasses and a stern demeanor, who is more interested in quiet than anything else. The group of librarians I met were anything but- they are dynamic people, aching to help the teachers in their school, and eager to share the love of reading and learning with any child that crosses their path.

Every tool, like every tool in the hardware store, has basic and advanced uses. Wordle, for example, can be a way just to make great pictures, or it can be used as a way to analyze word frequency in a text, which might bring deeper understanding to students about anything from the repeating of a phrase for rhetorical purposes in a political speech, or help them better understand their own reliance on catch phrases. With each of these tools, I suggest you try a few, play with them, and become familiar with them, and then attempt to incorporate them into lessons where they help deepen meaning rather than just become a digital way of doing yet another diorama or poster.

With evaluating any tool and that goes for paper and pencil as well as computer or tech stuff we need to look past the bells and whistles and think about:. Does using a digital tool make the project easier to accomplish, more interesting, engaging, or allow multiple modes of expression?

What You Can Do

Differentiating Learning With The I Pad [Monica Sevilla] on efohonem.ml *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Chapter 7: Learning Apps for the I Pad I Pads are. Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Differentiating Learning with the I Pad file PDF Book.

Nothing gets lost in the cloud. Flipping the classroom. In the end, tools should, by their nature, make a job easier or faster. For example, when one teacher, about 6 years ago, asked one of my kids to do a power point presentation, making sure to use a minimum of sentences per slide, I got pretty upset. A Power point or any slide presentation, should be there to enhance the understanding and meaning of what is being said, and act, perhaps, as visual cue cards for the presenter to stay on track. After all, who wants to go to a lecture and watch someone read their slides?

The slides are also available on Slideshare, or you can see them below:. Jan 9, by Whitney Hoffman. I saw the Frontline documentary on Michelle Rhee last night, and it left me with as many questions as answers. School districts vary based on location, funding, resources, demographics- you name it.

iPads in the Classroom

As much as we would like it to be standard and consistent, the reality is quite different. For example, our local middle school is a modern building, with smart boards in every classroom. The students come from a wide variety of homes, ranging from kids of professionals to those of migrant workers.

Teachers often did not assign homework, because many of their students were spending the evenings caring for parents and siblings, and legitimately could not be counted on doing work outside the classroom according to the teachers.

2. Differentiation through group work

Recent News. Buy this issue. This is a powerful way for students to see peer responses and explain their reasoning. Templates are available, and boards can be saved and shared through email, or even saved as a photo and used in presentation apps like Keynote. Oplotnik "Loved being able to work on this at my own pace and in a short amount of time. There are approximately 40 teams to choose from and hundreds of videos they can watch. If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to teach Spanish with real-world videos.

In the world of national standards, all the students in both schools are to be held to the same standard of learning, and the teachers to the same level of achievement for their students. This makes sense, in that once all these students hit the real world, they will all be competing for the same spots in college or the job market with students from more affluent and academically challenging environments.

How do we make sure that the kids in this particular North Carolina school receive an education that will enable them to effectively compete with kids from our local school? How do we start to attack the problem? Michelle Rhee, according to the Frontline documentary, found all sorts of problems in the DC schools.

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She set a goal of doing what was best for students, and keeping their interest at heart, which ended up involving getting rid of a lot of teachers and principals that were deemed to be under-performing, and closing schools with low enrollment. Closing schools and consolidating in order to avoid wasting money on building expenses and duplicate resources including personnel makes logical sense- especially when it provides additional funds for all the students in the District in the bargain.

They also have released some metrics on personalized learning , which reflects much of what we discuss here on differentiating instruction:. There is a small but growing effort to rethink fundamental aspects of our current system. We are particularly interested in whole-school models that incorporate each of the following principles:. I know that the mix of students I get also changes what I can do and I need to be adaptive to student needs, not just wedded to my idea of a utopian curriculum.

The overall critical points need to be taught, but the order and the method I choose might vary, depending on the day and the mood of the kids, as well as whether all the tech is working properly. From talking with academic full time teachers, they also say that the lesson plan is like any battle plan- it never fully survives contact with the enemy, as they say in the military- the enemy gets a say as well, or in this case, the students get a vote in how the lesson is going to go, and how much of the plan gets executed as written or needs to flex as needed.

How effective are they at applying that knowledge to a new and novel situation? They need on the job mentoring, and continuing education.

Why Do Teachers Like Classkick?

I admire Michelle Rhee for making some tough decisions and not running a popularity contest. Could the incentives be placed in such a way everyone in the school benefitted instead of just the teachers or administrators, especially since it was based on student achievement and what the students themselves accomplished? We ask much more of teachers now than in the past. The perceived harshness of Michelle Rhee, even in the name of progress and reform, caused as many problems as she tried to solve. Perhaps working with appropriate carrots and sticks is really the best way to work towards education reform, rather than taking a slash and burn approach, no matter how much we may all need a real wake up call.

And for the rest of us out there, including myself, who assume we know everything about education because we went to school ourselves, we have to be patient and realize that solving the education issues in our Country may be much more personalized per school, per district, and per state than pushed down in a top down approach from the Department of Education. Oct 24, by Whitney Hoffman. I think one of the most important questions in education is how to motivate kids to learn and perform in school.

However, if you understand more about motivation and motivational theory, this problem becomes much easier to crack. Likewise, I urge you to take a look at the video below. This talk about motivation is fascinating, and well worth your time- I urge you to give it a look. Oct 10, by Whitney Hoffman.

What Is Differentiated Instruction?

Each patient a doctor sees is an individual. A doctor may order a bunch of tests for the patient as well. Each student and teacher are individuals.

Why Do Teachers Like Classkick?

However, we also know that some reading programs, like Orton-Gillingham based programs, do a great job teaching kids who have struggled learning to read, truly master the skill. Orton Gillingham and its approach to helping students learn to read require a bit more one on one or small group instruction, but this approach and customization for a few students of the whole group teaching, means the difference between success and failure for these students.

Advantages: MobyMax is very engaging and fun for students, with lessons that teachers can post on their IWB to use for whole class instruction. Students can accelerate through the program, but only at application-level problems. Cost: It is paid, but very reasonable compared to other players in the market.

There is also a limited free version available. Advantages: This program offers assessments for any math standard. IXL is organized in a logical manner that times the student, tracks their growth, and ensures mastery before the student can move on. There are not just ELA portions and assessments—science and social studies are included now as well.

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This can be used for both summative assessment and progress monitoring for students. The assessment part is great, but limiting. Cost: Cost was based on per pupil usage upon my last contact, and it was pretty reasonable for implementing in a classroom or school. Advantages: AM has been around for a number of years, so it has a longer proven track record. It is a part of the Renaissance company—which created Accelerated Reader—and will be easy to navigate if you are already familiar with AR. The reports and data are exceptional and give great information.

Disadvantages: There is a lot to it, which is an advantage if you are well trained. I would recommend seeking out schools that use these tools to hear their feedback on how well they work to differentiate in the classroom. It is also important to contact a sales rep to find out if classroom or individual student rates are an option. These and many other tools can allow teachers to meet the needs of the ever-changing learner, especially in the area of math.

Want more math resources?

iPads to Differentiate Instruction in Early Elementary Education

Check out the newest math lessons on the home page of MimioConnect , an online lesson-sharing community for teachers, by teachers. Mimio Educator. Find me on: Facebook LinkedIn Twitter. MobyMax Advantages: MobyMax is very engaging and fun for students, with lessons that teachers can post on their IWB to use for whole class instruction. IXL Advantages: This program offers assessments for any math standard.