Golden Retriever Training, Part 2: 10 Advanced Tips & Tricks for a Golden That Will Impress!

10 Fun, Impressive Tricks You Can Teach Any Dog
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Do this several times, getting your dog used to the idea and also adding one more block or book each time. Once your dog is comfortable standing on as many blocks or books as possible, gently take its feet off of them and place them against the wall. Once your dog is able to place its back feet on the wall without any trouble, put a treat in front of its nose and encourage it to move away from the wall.

You will likely need to put a hand on its belly for balance the first several times until it gets used to the feeling. Water Fetch Start by getting into the water and coaxing your dog to join you. If possible, bring another dog along that enjoys swimming to help your dog build up confidence. Also, more dogs means more fun. Start by throwing the stick or ball into the shallow water. Praise your dog and give it a treat when it brings the object back unless your dog is already a fetching machine, in which case you can skip the treats.

Gradually throw the object further out into the water. This dog loves the water. Join along as it plays fetch in a lake. Play the Piano Start with the keyboard in a quiet room, free of distractions. To make sure your dog associates the treats with the keyboard, when your dog nudges or paws the keyboard toss a treat away from it. When the dog returns to the keyboard, praise it and toss another treat. Eventually, your dog will associate treats with touching the keyboard.

Once this happens, limit the treats and praise you give unless it concentrates attention on the keys, particularly when it presses them down. Watch this doggie play the piano and sing along. Peek-A-Boo If your dog already knows how to shake hands, then get it to give you its paw. Take its paw and then raise it above its eyes.

While you do this, say your peek-a-boo command and give the dog a treat. When your dog raises its paw to its nose to get the tape off, praise it and give it a treat while saying your peek-a-boo command. It should eventually be able to perform the trick just using the command alone. This pooch seems to have mastered Peek-a-boo.

Walk Backward Call your dog and command it to stay. Obviously, most dogs will opt to turn around if they can. To avoid this, try teaching them the trick in a narrow space like between two parked cars. Once your dog has gotten the backing up part down, stand off to the side of it and hold a treat out over its head. Slowly turn around in a circle so your dog is walking backward around you as you give the command.

Little Maggie can run backward along a narrow ledge. Open and Close Doors Tie some kind of rope or tug toy that your dog can easily grasp in its mouth to a door handle. Obviously, handles work better than round door knobs. If you have round doorknobs, you can leave the door closed, but not latched. When your dog starts to tug on the rope, praise it and give it a treat when the door is completely opened. Once it has mastered opening the door, get your dog to close the door by holding a treat in your hand up against the door.

This should cause your dog to leap against the door, closing it. Lily here has the whole opening and closing doors perfected. Fetch You a Drink from the Fridge If not, then use the same strategy to teach your dog to open and close the fridge. Spend some time to make sure your dog has perfected these steps and can do them using only vocal commands. Encourage your dog to take the toy from the fridge and bring it to you. Once your dog has gotten used to this step, replace the toy with a drink and encourage it to bring the drink to you instead. Here are a whole bunch of dogs who have mastered the art of the fridge fetch.

Use the Toilet Start by using a command of your choice each time your dog goes outside to relieve itself until it associates this command with relieving itself. Eventually, your dog will learn to relieve itself on command. Place it just inside the door first and gradually move it closer to the bathroom.

Then, place it in the bathroom. The next step is placing the box right into the toilet and encouraging your dog to hop up onto the seat to use it. Play Soccer In an open area, just leave the ball in front of your dog so it can get accustomed to it in the usual dog way of sniffing it. If your dog paws at the ball on its own, immediately praise it for doing so, but do not give it a treat for that.

Once your dog gets the hang of dribbling the ball pushing it forward with its paws , you can start doling out the treats for dribbling it longer distances. Kick the ball away from you a little bit further each time and getting your dog to dribble it back to you. Reward your dog each time it successfully dribbles the ball back to you.

Here are some dogs that are ready for the big leagues. Say Prayers Get your dog to sit in front of you and give you its paw or sit in the begging position with both paws lifted in front of it. Raise your arm so your forearm is in front of you across your body. You want your dog to naturally rest its paws on your forearm, so spend some time getting this step down with lots of praise and treats and a command word of your choice.

If your dog takes its paws off your arm, remove the treat and start again. These four dogs like to say grace before eating. Sing Start by testing out different songs or instruments to see if any of them inspire your dog to start singing on its own. As a pack leader, you might have to lead by example here. As soon as your dog starts to howl along, say your chosen command word and praise your dog and give it a reward.

Here is one that likes to duet with its owner. Slalom Start with four poles. Hold a treat in front of your dog and entice it to follow the treat. When it reaches the end, reward and praise your dog. Add poles to the slalom course one at a time until your dog can weave through about a dozen poles. After your dog has mastered this trick, you can try moving the poles closer together. Check out Tex, the winner of the Masters Agility Championship. Pick Up Toys Take a toy and throw it across the room. Command the dog to get it and bring it back to you while holding a treat over the toy basket.

If your dog loves fetch, it will probably bring the toy back without prompting. If it drops the toy before returning to you, hide the treat from its sight and command it again to bring the toy back to you. When your dog gets back to you with the toy, hold the treat directly over the basket and command it to drop the toy into the basket.

When it drops the toy, give your dog plenty of praise and the treat. Repeat these steps, moving the basket away from you each time. Hold the treat over the basket in your extended arm and when the basket is moved out of your reach, simply point to it. This Golden Retriever named Grace really has this trick down. Go Potty on Command Start this training early, when your dog is still a puppy and learning to be house trained. The moment it is done, cease saying the command.

Your dog will eventually begin to associate the command with the action. If your dog responds immediately, you have been successful. If it still does not go on command, return to repeating the command during the action like in step one. Here is a perfect example of this trick at work. Carry Groceries Start with a mostly empty reusable grocery bag. Command your dog to take the bag. After your dog comes toward you, carrying the bag for a few steps, praise your dog for carrying the bag that short distance. Reach into the bag and get a treat out of the plastic baggie inside to treat your dog.

This will help your dog associate carrying the shopping bag with treats. Start placing a few items in the bag to give it some weight. Hide a treat in the bag so your dog can get rewarded once it gets in the house. You can either hand your dog a bag and then have it follow you to the house or have a partner call it to the house when it gets the bag from you. Watch Millie the dog help her owners carry groceries from the car. Pickpocket This trick is neat to show people just how clever your canine is.

Stand with your back to your dog and hold a treat near your tailbone. Once your dog is familiar with the handkerchief, you can take your hand away and start getting your dog to take the handkerchief out of your pocket with the pickpocket command. Make sure you reward and praise it as soon as it takes the handkerchief. When the general behavior is mastered, begin to move away from your dog while using the pickpocket command to introduce movement into the trick.

Continue practicing both with treats and without, but make sure to praise plenty regardless of whether you give them a treat or not. Eventually, your dog should be able to pick your pocket with ease. Doggie Push Ups Have your dog sitting while you stand in front of them.

10 Reasons To Get A Toller And 10 Reasons Not To Get A Toller

Command your dog to lay down. When your dog is down, immediately command it to sit and reward it when it does. Repeat as necessary for your dog to master the move with increasingly longer intervals between the action and the reward. Tuck Yourself Into Bed Get your dog to lie down. Put a blanket that is about twice the size of your dog down right beside it on their dominant rollover side meaning the side they usually roll onto first when they roll over. Bunch a portion of the blanket up right next to your dog to make it easy for them to grab and roll over with.

Command your dog to take the blanket by taking it with your hand and offering it to the dog. Only reward the dog if it takes the blanket and holds onto it until you take it back from them. You want the dog to hold onto the blanket throughout the rollover phase. When this happens, immediately reset the trick and start over without praises or treats. Your dog will learn that treats only come when they keep the blanket in their mouth.

Make sure you give it a treat for mastering a difficult trick. Here is a video tutorial for teaching this trick. Go Hide This is another cute trick, especially when a big dog tries to hide behind a small object. Begin with a large object and make sure your dog has room to hide under it or behind it. Here is a video to help you teach your dog to go hide. Take a Card from a Deck Take care not to move the card, as this may give your canine a paper cut and make it never want to touch a card again.

When your dog has gotten used to taking a card, try putting three cards in front of it, fanned out, and commanding it to take one. If you want your dog to take a specific card, it will help to have that one sticking out a bit further than the rest. Once your dog gets the hang of the trick, you can add more cards, maybe even getting to the point where you can use an entire deck. Next step: teaching your dog to place a bet.

Check out Jilli Dog playing poker with her owner. Refuse Food Present some kind of food to your dog. Repeat this until your dog starts turning its head away from the food being offered. When it does this, reward it with praise and a treat other than the food you are trying to get it to refuse. Start praising it when it looks away from the food.

If you keep this up, it should eventually start turning its head away completely for extended periods. Make sure you are using your yuck command to initiate the trick. Be consistent when you treat your dog. This pooch has got it! Shell Game Start with one cup. Put a treat with a strong aroma under an overturned cup. Make sure your dog sees you do this. When it paws at the cup or bumps the cup with its nose, lift up the cup and give your dog the reward. You can influence whether the dog paws at the cup or uses its nose to indicate the cup by only rewarding the action you desire.

Once your dog is familiar with the command and desired action, introduce more cups into the trick and encourage your dog to find the treat using your find it command. Do not shuffle the cups at this stage. You simply want it to indicate the cup via pawing at it or bumping the cup with its nose. Only reward your dog for the correct cup. After your dog has mastered finding the treat from the unshuffled lineup of cups, begin to shuffle them, simply at first and then more complex as it gets better at picking the right cup. Practice for complete mastery.

This little dog knows where those treats are. Walk Yourself After it has held the leash in its mouth for a short period, take it back and reward it with praise and a treat. Next, walk beside your dog while holding the folded up leash in its mouth. Obviously, your dog will have to know how to walk calmly.

Continue to walk beside your dog and make sure you stop immediately if your dog drops the leash. If it does, get it to take the leash again. It will simply walk itself. If you have another dog that is calm enough, you can introduce it into the trick gradually once your dog has mastered the initial trick.

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The walk yourself trick will impress friends and strangers alike. Coax it further with a treat to roll onto its side, taking note which side it prefers to roll onto.

3 Easy Things to Teach your NEW PUPPY!

After your dog has the verbal bang command down, introduce the visual pistol cue by holding your hand like a pistol pointer finger pointed at your dog, thumb in the air and your three other fingers tucked in like a fist. Give your bang command, drop your thumb like the hammer on a pistol and watch your dog flop to the ground in its best Hollywood death scene performance.

This dog deserves one. Ride a Horse Tie the horse up next to a platform about the height of a picnic table. Practice until both your dog and the horse are comfortable with these steps. Do not attempt to put a fearful dog on a horse or put a dog on a fearful horse. If either animal looks the least bit uncomfortable, abandon the trick. You want it to associate this accomplishment with its favorite reward.

Having your dog jump onto its back is going to be a bit jarring for the horse, so this part of the trick should be taught last and you should use extreme caution while teaching it.

2. Bark On Command

Practice these maneuvers and if all goes well, make sure you give both the animals a big treat. This Jack Russell and miniature horse even do a show together. Spin A fun dance move to teach your dog. Repeat and practice this move while slowly reducing the amount of luring needed for your dog to complete a full circle. Ideally, you want to get to the point where you can simply give the verbal command or a visual command with a quick flick of your wrist. I was with him yesterday and went to say hi to Ms.

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Also during LAPD class a dog officer walked in the room and Mike started a barking riot with the other dogs. It was too funny! These little guys and gals are sure making stories in this building to last a lifetime. He is doing remarkable at his new and improved heeling abilities. He walks like a grand champion of the Westminster Dog Show. He still has his moments with the bigger dogs with his little growls but a firm no command is given.

When he starts his dominant personality we make it known he is not the boss, we are. He is also getting to know the crate is a fun place to go because he gets a little treat every time he enters. There are times when we put him in the crate and he gives these little whines like he is never going to see us again. Overall Buster is doing great. Oh my goodness!! I told you last time, that I was going to start going on field trips soon. Well, I had no idea what was to come. I went on the biggest field trip of all time.

I went on an airplane and flew all the way from CA to Boston. It was cold and snowy, and so much fun! I love the snow! Now the snow is gone and I still love our new home! I went home to live with a foster for a couple of weeks. That was fun because she took me to stores and out in public a lot. Now I am back with Trainer Girl at the ranch. I think she is trying to remind me all the time that I am safe.

Treasure Hunt

I still get scared of things when we are out on field trips. One day there was a man in brown clothes delivering boxes to stores. I thought he wanted to get me. These are the things I will keep working on. Please come check on me again soon. There have been BIG changes in my world since I got out of prison. I went out with a foster for awhile-that was fun! People were so happy when they would come shopping and I was there to greet them.

Now I am back at the ranch with Trainer Girl. We go on LOTS of field trips together. When I first started going out in public I was very wiggly. There are so many smells, so many people, so many things to look at. It was very exciting. Now I am getting used to it all. I am able to focus better in public. I can do my tasks in public. I can even turn lights on and off. I love doing so great and to see Trainer Girl so proud of me! Except when we went to the post office the other day. She was not proud then. When we went in, the man at the counter seemed so happy and friendly. I wanted to show him that I was too.

I jumped up and put my paws on the counter. Trainer Girl was NOT amused. Jumping up like that is a big no no. She reminded me. It comes out of my legs and my tongue and my wiggly bum. Once in awhile he does the stubborn grounding on the walkway. Barks when she sees other dogs getting attention.

Top 5 Dog Training Books

She has started to ground when we do our laps on the track. Joe is putting her under a table as he walks to another table to have a seat to see how long he can get her to stay. She can stay for a good amount of time, until he sees something that is way more interesting like a ball being rolled by or other dogs walking by. But she is doing better at not chasing the other dogs as much as before.

She is still her motherly self when the smaller dogs are around. Her coming is getting better too, just depending on how much activity is around. Also we are working on having her pay attention to the person with the leash and nobody else. Fleur is doing a fantastic job! I am at Sky Valley Ranch again but will be going back home with my foster family tomorrow. They had to go away for a little bit so they brought me back to Trainer Girl. I am learning lots of new things lately.

I am learning to walk on a head halter and to walk right beside my trainer. No pulling-that is not good manners. The other day, I went on a big field trip with all of my sisters. We went to a big outside shopping area. Josh was holding my leash and I even walked right beside him. They make a lot of noise when he walks. I knew I was safe and did just fine walking beside him and his metal poles.

She tells me to sit and stay and come. IF you do these things, you get treats! I love treats! One thing I am not doing well with…my crate. I do NOT like being in a crate. I try to tell everyone this as loudly as I can and yet, I still have to have crate time-to eat, to sleep and sometimes just to rest.

Trainer Girl just does not listen-even when I yell at her in my loudest bark ever. Trainer Girl? Oh my goodness so much as been happening here in NH. Then they had foster families come to take us home and care for us while they got the ranch finished. My foster mommy was so cool.

10 brain games to play with your dog

She was a teacher at the high school. Every day I got to go to school and listen while she taught the kids how to write and read good books. When the kids did good work, they got to sit on the floor and snuggle with Atti while they listened! It was so great. I got to spend my whole day being cuddled and then I would go home and get more love from my whole foster family. Then after my foster family had some other things they had to do, I went to a different foster family. Guess what? That mommy works in the high school too. Her class is different and I do not understand them when they talk.

Atti is the best part of coming to school! My foster mommy is teaching me lots of cool things like how to heel right beside her on a leash. How to not get up when she says stay. How to put my bum on the floor when she says sit and best of all how to run right to her when she says come. I love all the work my foster mommy and I do together.

I especially love that she gives me treats when I listen! Keep up the good work foster mommy! Now that it summer time, I think we will spend lots of time together doing outside things too. So I have moved to the ranch with these Trainers that came here in March. I went out to live in a foster home for a couple of weeks while the trainers got the new ranch ready for all of us pups! I am living with Trainer Girl! I love her! Trainer Girl also started putting this thing on my snout called a head halter.

I am getting used to it but I like my regular collar better. Every time. Trainer Girl has fun games! Come check in soon and see what other games Trainer Girl is going to teach me! I live in NH!!! All the way across the country! I got to fly on an airplane and when we landed it was so cold! There was all this white stuff everywhere at our new home!

We had so much fun playing in it! Now all the white stuff melted and the grass is all green and beautiful! We have soooo much space at our new home, Sky Valley Ranch! I really like NH life! It has definitely taken me awhile, but I have really improved! I can do all of my tasks when I am in the house and even when I am out in public! Sometimes I still get a little distracted in stores, but trainer boy, Spencie, keeps working on that with me. He likes to remind me, I should only have eyes for him. I was also really good at doing alert, but then I got too good and too excited.

But my trainers are really smart. So instead of alert with my paw, I now am learning signal with my nose. My nose likes gentle touches so that will be better for my hoomans legs! I love getting to go on all the field trips now that I am doing better with my training! Sometimes it just takes a little longer! Check back in this summer for more updates! I bet if I keep doing this well, I might get to meet my furever hooman soon! Lots of things have changed since I sent my last update.

This is our new service dog ranch and I love it! Do you know that in the winter they have this stuff called snow AND we get to play in it even though it is cold! It is so much fun to run around and jump. The best change is that I am doing great with all of my training! Once I left the prison and moved out here with trainer boy, Spencie, I could show him all of the things I had learned. He was VERY impressed and kept teaching me more and more tricks!

Huntsville Obedience Training Club

He always tells everyone how smart I am! I think Trainer Boy loves that I even do all of my tricks in public for him. Who ever heard of such a thing? I will do what they tell me and get my kisses another time! I am also working on retrieving my vest that just means I get to find it when they hide it from me!

Please come check back in this summer! I am doing so well that I am guessing I may even start being trained for MY furever hooman very soon! These reports will be given in the voice of the trainers exactly as they share them in their notes. I love being able to read the inmates perceptions of the training process so want to share that with you in their words.

Her issues with her vest are improving. But you can see in her eyes she still is not happy with it. She is still drawn to men and gets overly excited. We are trying to work with her on it by having her be calm to be pet. She loves to ground surf and working on this is taking up a lot of her training time. About 11 days ago, she barked at Mary walking through the day room. The sun was shining straight on Mary through the window. Mary was carrying a plastic bag and I think the sun shined hard on it which set her off-it was about 6am.

That same night she barked in the evening at a lady wearing a large hat outside. She randomly barks at loud noises or strange objects such as workers on the roof or things in the distance. She also barks in response to any dog that barks in the day room. Higher value treats are treats that the dogs like better than typical training treats. Depending on the dog, this may be dog jerky broken into little pieces or even hotdogs for some dogs. When a dog is learning a new command that is more difficult, sometimes using a higher value treat such as a hotdog makes the dog more interested in learning the new task because they know the treat they will get is really yummy!

Dogs in Training. Ally DOB:. Labrador Retriever. Stofer DOB:. English Cream Retriever. Hi Everyone! So, as you all know, we all moved back to the ranch after we finished up our time in the prison program. They taught me how to be confident, how to behave in public places, how to focus on tasks in public and lots of other good things that will help my hooman someday. Now, I am back at the ranch with Trainer Girl, Jen. Some days I stay at the ranch and some days I go home with Trainer Girl so I remember my very best house manners.

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William is gentle and loving. Co-authors: The trainers use it to show us how to stay in control in public, how to walk right next to them and how not to sniff people and food. Even our 7 year old shih tzu has learned some new behaviors! Mardi Richmond lives in Santa Cruz, California, where she teaches agility for fun classes and writes about dogs.

That can be hard because there are so many distractions, but I am doing great with all of it. I am really good at Paws Up, pull, get it, alert, dial! I think sometimes when Jen and Boss Lady are whispering in front of me they might be talking about me getting ready to meet my furever hooman very soon!

That would be so amazing! Please come check in again soon to see how all of this plays out. Yellow Labrador Retriever. English Cream Golden Retriever. Black Labrador Retriever. Hi my name is Dutton. Poppy DOB:. Standard Poodle. English Cream Golden. Hi Everyone. Sammy DOB:. Golden Doodle. Brooke DOB:. Honey DOB Golden Retriever. Archie DOB:. Hi out there. Bichon Frise San Diego Ranch. Status: Figgy is one of the newer members of our Little Angels Team and is still a very young pup. Albus DOB:. Hi Everyone, My name is Goose! Leo DOB:. Mixed Breed. Leo is a white mini poodle mix that was rescued from the shelter on March 10, Joey DOB:.

Dean DOB:. Ruby DOB:. Yellow Lab. Izzy DOB:. Do you remember what it feels like to be the new kid at school? Roxy DOB:. Roxy is a black lab shepherd mix that was rescued from the shelter on March 15, Sully DOB:. Sully is a tan Maltese mix rescued from the shelter on March 13, Mike DOB:. Mike is a white mini poodle mix breed that was rescued from the shelter on March 15, Buster DOB:. Buster is a black and white Maltese mix that was rescued from the shelter on March 10, River About 1 Year Old.

Hound Mix. Jasper DOB:. Chocolate Lab.

Doing better with jumping on people and things. Fleur DOB:. Sunshine About 1 year old. Lab Mix. Guess what?? Missy DOB:. He is still cautious of some staff-especially men. Lupin DOB:. Hi All! My name is Lupin and my siblings and I have only been at the ranch for about a week. Are they wizards in disguise? We are still learning the ropes around here! He shows me around the ranch and introduces me to LOTS of other dogs.

We are here learning really cool spells that will help us help our furever hoomans some day. Some dogs here are like pros! They know everything! Muggle Man is kind of funny, he likes to have an in-charge-voice not like thou who shall remain nameless but really I can tell by the way he rubs my head and hugs me he loves doggies sooo sooo much! I am living with my foster girl and I love her so much.

She takes really good care of me. She teaches me to go potty outside and that my crate is actually a cool place to be to have quiet time just for me. It means I should look at her and I should listen to what she has to say. Please come check in soon to see what tricks I will start learning to help my special hooman some day!

We have all been very busy at Sky Valley Ranch. For some reason, I do not love training as much as my sisters do. I like to cuddle and relax with people more than do tricks and learn.